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St. John United Church of Christ

Outreach Missions Group

Our Outreach Missions Group (OMG) is focused on identifying and developing ways to live and deliver our mission throughout the community.  This team works on ways to appreciate and celebrate diversity and foster partnerships between the church and the local community.

Some examples of the areas that OMG might currently be focusing on are:

Participate in community mentoring and youth support
Supporting seniors who reside in the local area
Develop ways to invite the community into our church family
Foster partnerships with others in the community to meet needs
Assist in pastor visitations and community outreach
Encourage Inclusiveness

Some examples of other areas you can become involved with the church:

Participate in the church hospitality program
Join the ushers/greeters programs
Guide the landscape and maintenance programs
Coordinate publications and signage
Support our worship experience
Become involved in the adult education and study programs
Direct Kids Konnection
Assist in guiding the youth group
Join the choir/music program
Encourage prayer
Foster Our Church’s Wider Mission within our congregation

If you find that you might be interested in serving on the OMG team in some way, use the Contact form and select Ministry Work to let us know.  We welcome your interest and hope you find a spiritual home at our place of worship!

'Concession', the helpful gnome assisting in Easter planning.

‘Concession’, the helpful gnome assisting in Easter planning.


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