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Becoming a Covenant Member

We are excited that you are inquiring about joining St. John United Church of Christ because, to us, covenant membership means that you have come to a point in your faith journey where you are ready to make certain commitments.

This page is intended to explain the covenant membership process to you.

Steps toward Covenant Membership:

There are three basic steps to becoming a covenant member of St. John United Church of Christ;

Attend a covenant membership class

Baptism (either at St. John United Church of Christ or in a prior congregation

Participate in a reception of covenant member service

It is highly recommended that you attend St. John United Church of Christ for a period of six months or more prior to making the commitment of covenant membership.

Following is a complete explanation of the covenant membership process, including additional classes offered to introduce you to our church.

Covenant Membership Class

The covenant membership class is typically offered three times each year.

Contact the church office to obtain information on the next covenant membership class.

The pastor works closely with prospective new covenant members (disciples) to help them through the entire covenant membership process.

Classes are typically offered as a seminar on a Saturday or over a two week period beginning with a Sunday morning session followed by two evening sessions during the week. Times of class may be adjusted for schedule consideration if needed.

Additional Opportunities for discipleship and Spiritual Growth

Newcomer Open House
An informal time to meet and greet the pastor and other leaders of St. John United Church of Christ.

Bible 101
Discover how the Bible came together, how to find your way through the Bible, begin to explore the message of the Bible and how the United Church of Christ approaches the Bible.

Discover six spiritual practices of the Christian faith: Prayer, Worship, Reading the Bible, Service, building spiritual Relationships, and Giving.

Life Keys: Discover Who You Are
A guide to uncovering your talents, spiritual gifts, passion, values, and personality – all God made you to be.

Disciple and Covenant
A book study about what it means to be a disciple of Jesus and the covenant we make with other Christians in the United Church of Christ. The book ‘Covenant, a study for the United Church of Christ’ by Jane Fisler Hoffman is used.

Baptism and Confirmation

Baptism is the sacrament by which a person is initiated into the Church and into its faith, life and hope.

A sacrament is a visible act done by human beings in which God is at work. In the United Church of Christ, we have two sacraments, baptism and communion. We also have rituals, like marriage, confirmation, and services of thanksgiving for the life of someone who has died.

In the United Church of Christ baptism may be administered by sprinkling, immersion, or pouring.

If you have not been baptized please contact the pastor for an appointment for teaching and discussion about this sacrament of the church.

Confirmation is designed for youth (7th grade and older) to explore, study, and question one’s faith. It is a time to consider the confirmation of one’s baptism if baptized in infancy. You do not need to have already been baptized to participate in the confirmation program. A baptism service will be planned for those who have not yet been baptized.

If you are a youth and would like to participate in a confirmation program contact the pastor.

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