Worship – 10:30am
Fellowship – 10:15-10:30am

Extravagant Welcome

Our Extravagant Welcome team is focused on creating a welcoming, accessible, safe and inviting space for all.  This team works on ways to build fellowship, provide guests with a compelling reason to return no matter where they are on life’s journey and to enable communication (both internally and externally).

Some examples of the areas that the Extravagant Welcome team might currently be focusing on are:

Facilitate the church hospitality
Direct the ushers/greeters programs
Maintain the housekeeping and cleaning programs
Guide the landscape and maintenance programs
Coordinate publications and signage

If you find that you might be interested in serving on the Extravagant Welcome team in some way, use the Contact form to let us know.  We welcome your interest and hope you find a spirtual home at our place of worship!

Charters have been released for each mission.  You can find them by clicking here.

St. John United Church of Christ