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Expense Approval Policy 2013

Expense Approval Policy
March 17, 2013

1. Before any money can be spent or committed on behalf of St John UCC an Expense Request Form must be submitted to the Finance &Stewardship Steering Group (F&S) for approval at their meeting prior to the funds being spent. The F&S Steering Group meets the first week of each month

2. Finance & Stewardship Steering Group will evaluate request and notify the requester within 48 hours of their monthly meeting of the action taken:

A. Approved
B. Postponed ( i.e lack of available cash flow)
C. Declined

3. Within 60 days of the expense, the requester must submit the receipt along with the bottom portion of the expense request form to the Finance & Stewardship Steering Group. The group will match the receipt to the original expense approval and forward to the appropriate person for resolution.

Items exempt from this process that should be paid upon receipt:

1. Utility bills, insurance, payroll, taxes and any similar items
2. Contracts Pre-approved by the SLC or F&S Steering Group
3. Pastor’ discretionary assistance fund (as long as it is in a positive balance)
4. Emergency expenses approved by the SLC
5. Pass through offerings associated with OCWM
6. $650 monthly or $1950 quarterly contribution to SONKA (based upon 2013 budget)
7. Unforeseen expenses that are usual and customary as part of the staff’s day to day operations, such as minor office supplies, mileage, etc.

This expense/reimbursement policy will take effect May 1, 2013 and will be reevaluated for recommendation to continue/discontinue in 2014 at the congregational meeting in November 2013. No expenses or invoices will be considered grandfathered into this policy.

Process for Submitting a Request
March 19, 2013

1. Obtain a Expense Request form from the mailbox at the church labeled “Expense Requests”

2. Fill out the top portion of the form and return it to the (Stewardship and Finance) mailbox by the first of the month.

a. The form must be signed by a designated member of the Steering Group from where it was initiated (Continuing Testament, Changing Lives, Extravagant Welcome, Strategic Leadership Council, Finance and Stewardship, Pastoral Relations)

3. The Stewardship and Finance Steering Group meets the first week of each month, will review the request at that time, and take action as noted in the Expense Policy.

4. Within 60 days of the pre-approved expenditure, submit the bottom portion of the Expense Request form, along with the receipt to the (Stewardship and Finance Mailbox). The Finance and Stewardship Steering group will match the receipt to the original approved request and forward to the appropriate person for resolution.

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