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St. John United Church of Christ

Strategic Leadership Council (SLC) UPDATE

Author administrator, Written Oct 11, 2016

A long standing tradition of praise and worship

The music program at St. John United Church of Christslc_new
has a rich and enduring history. The choir, the musical instruments and the talent of our members and leaders creates a vibrant and diverse community. Recent decisions made by the congregation and the Strategic Leadership Council (SLC) support this ongoing tradition.

The approval of the 2016-2017 Mission and Ministry Action Plan (MMAP) by the congregation at the Annual
Meeting in May allows for ongoing musical programming. Steve Milloy attended a choral reading session led by prolific composer/arranger Mark Hayes in Columbus, OH, where he purchased several new pieces of music for the choir. Also, Steve has combed through the existing music library for anthems long overlooked or forgotten. Incorporating new pieces into the familiar repertoire energizes the choir and the worship experience.

The St. John organ, much like our lovely aging building, is one of our greatest assets that needs frequent attention and investment. The approved MMAP budgets three tunings of the pianos and organ to preserve their quality. The organ, however, needs technical repair as it has not been serviced by a technician since the mid-80s. Therefore, SLC approved the use of memorial funds to repair and replace several of the pipes that have been dented or broken, and sticking keys due to normal age and wear-and tear.

Finally, the approved MMAP supports contracting with paid choir section leaders/soloists and guest musicians for Christmas and Easter services as they contribute so significantly to worship services throughout the liturgical year. St. John welcomes Brittney Hayes to the Alto section and Abby Sparks returning to the Soprano section. The worship planning team is preparing for Advent and Christmas and hoping that additional musicians will be a special part of the Christmas Eve service this year.

The Strategic Leadership Council celebrates with the congregation of St. John that we have so many talented and willing musicians in our community. We believe that an ongoing commitment to the music program is one of the things that makes St. John so extravagantly welcoming.