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From the Corner Memorial Day – Peace Be With You!

by Keith Haithcock

Can you name all the federal holidays? Do you know how many federal holidays there are? It is not uncommon for an average American citizen to not be able to name all the federal holidays and describe the focus of the holiday. Depending on the year, there are a total of 11 federal holidays. Some […]

From the Corner – Jesus is Alive, April Fools!

by Keith Haithcock

Every year I struggle with what to preach on Resurrection Sunday. I mean really, what can you say that hasn’t already been said, Christ is risen, Alleluia, now go home? I jest of course. Most of my congregants and friends will say that preaching on Easter Sunday must be easy since it’s the same theme […]


by Keith Haithcock

The thought of wilderness can be agonizing for some of us. I confess, I’m not always seeking to be in solitude or out in the boonies for too long. As a city dweller, the wilderness quiet and inward musing can seem daunting and isolating. However, the older I get the more introverted I have become; […]

From the Corner – Making a HAPPY New Year

by Keith Haithcock

What makes a happy new year? We say, “Happy New Year” every time January 1 rolls around, hoping that by doing so we will each experience a better year than last, that our economy and employment will be stronger, the world might become more peaceful and less violent, and that we might progress in how […]

From the Corner – Baby or No Baby

by Keith Haithcock

It never fails, every Advent someone asks me, should we wait until Christmas Eve to put the baby Jesus in the manger or is it okay to include him with the rest of the decorations? I think it was eighteen years ago, my first Christmas living in Bellevue, that I heard on the news that […]

From the Corner – Thanksgiving

by Keith Haithcock

Earthquakes and fires, hurricanes and floods, mass shootings, racial-based hostilities, and social resistance have submerged our daily lives and emotions that some might wonder what is there to be thankful for. As we listen to news reports, visit Facebook, and read tweets, we encounter hundreds of reasons to be people of prayer and to set […]

From the Corner – Reformation: Practice Invitation!

by Keith Haithcock

Do you know what happened 500 years ago in October? Martin Luther (not Martin Luther King, Jr.), a Roman Catholic friar, priest, theologian, and professor, started the Protestant Reformation when he posted his Ninety-five Theses in Wittenberg, Germany, criticizing and protesting the sale of indulgences as well other practices of his church. From this Reformation […]

From the Corner – Why Children Are Important

by Keith Haithcock

I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase, “It takes a village to raise a child.” Every time I officiate the baptism of a child I think of this phrase. Historically the United Church of Christ has practiced infant baptism, however, we honor, recognize and freely use all forms of water baptism for all ages. Baptism is a visible […]

Open Letter to GSA-Oak Hills HS

by Keith Haithcock

United Church of Christ NORTHERN KENTUCKY GREATER CINCINNATI REGION CLERGY GROUP September 5, 2017 An open letter to the students of the Oak Hills High School Gay-Straight Alliance As authorized ministers in the United Church of Christ (UCC), we want you to know that we support the work of your student-led organization. It is our […]

From the Corner – Forgiveness

by administrator

I am one of those people who does not like leaving unresolved conflict between myself and another person. If I am aware that there is a problem I want to work it out, talk it out, and collaborate until the skirmish is solved and all is forgiven. However, I have learned two things through the […]