As one who struggles with losing weight and overall physical health, going public can make a big difference.  What I mean is, if I tell someone I’m not going to drink Coke any more, I’m more likely to accomplish that because others now know I’m working on that.  If I just say to myself, I’m not going to drink Coke to lower my sugar intake, I’m less likely to achieve my goal.

Even more so, if I write a project on my calendar it is more likely to happen than if I don’t.  The fact that this article is published is witness to that.  The written word is powerful.  It can remind, encourage, motivate, focus, and transform us.

A few years back I preached a sermon and used a model from a TED talk about how we can be a productive Church by asking these three questions: what do we do? how do we do it? and, why do we do it?  It’s all about getting to our why.  Writing down our “why” is significant, it helps us to remember why we do what we do and keeps us on track.  Someone asked me why I am a pastor.  My why is, because I can’t imagine anyone going through life with out knowing God’s love.  This statement keeps me on track.

I believe that God is still speaking.  I also believe that God still inspires us to transfer our thoughts, experiences, and stories to share with others through the written word.  Without the Scriptures (sacred writings) we may have never come to know about Jesus.  Powerful!

Congregations write mission, and purpose statements to help them stay on track and accomplish goals.  These words inspire and transform congregations, neighborhoods, and communities.

My friend Mark Lowry, contemporary Christion vocal artist and comedian, sings the song, “Mary Did You Know?”  The song asks questions to Jesus’ mother Mary.  Mary did you know that your baby boy: will one day walk on water; will save our sons and daughters; has come to make you new; will give sight to the blind man; calm a storm with his hand; walked where angels trod; and when you kiss your little baby, you kiss the face of God?

The Bible says in the Gospel of John verse 1, “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.”  Words matter.  God’s words matter.  And the words that you share in telling your story matter, not just for you, but everyone who receives your story.  What brings you joy?  What is your calling or passion?  What will you do?  Use your words to change the world.

Merry Christmas!

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