Worship – 10:30am
Fellowship – 10:15-10:30am

Around the Table Luncheons

A new ministry to serve community needs through developing spiritual relationships

The Strategic Leadership Council (SLC) has approved the proposal for a new ministry with hopes of
strengthening the Church, building spiritual relationships, and impacting our growth and mission in our
local communities. It’s called Around the Table Luncheons.

This new ministry is based on the premise that when we share relationship with one another in the Church
we are more likely to live out the Church’s mission together. When we know others in the Church by face
or limited acquaintance we are less likely to engage in the Church beyond attending worship services. By
adding a monthly luncheon option, St. John congregants, and everyone we invite, will have the opportunity
to meet new friends, get to know each other, discover common interests, engage in conversations, and
establish relationships.

Sitting around the table is only the beginning. When we eat
together we begin to know each other and make friends. Out
of those friendships come a willingness and motivation to
work together. The opposite is true also. When we invite and
include others from the Church and outside of the Church to
work with us in serving the needs of the communities, we
become connected at a deeper level; having a human impact on the needs in our communities and meeting the people behind those needs. Around the Table luncheons has the potential of widening our welcome, expanding our invitation, and acting out our mission while growing the Church.

So, either way, eating together and working together, it’s all about welcoming, inviting, and including
everyone, not only around the table, but around faith, friendship, and care for our neighbors.

Also, Around the Table luncheons are luncheons that impact our communities thru Center Table Catering,
a fully licensed service with the State of Kentucky and the Health Department. Not only does contracting
Center Table Catering allow us to be around the table to enjoy a meal, conversation, and new friends, by
attending a luncheon after worship on Sundays at St. John Church we are supporting recovery efforts and
culinary arts training programs for women with addiction.

Transforming lives right in our own neighborhood. About 43% of the women in Phase II of Brighton Recovery Center seek employment in the food service industry. Center Table Catering is here to insure their careers in the industry are long and successful.

Center Table, Catering with a Purpose is a social enterprise catering company that uses fresh, house-grown, seasonal ingredients to create delicious food for all occasions.

Luncheons are scheduled to begin in January 2019. Cherie Draper, Around the Table Co-director, is looking for people to help briefly before and after each luncheon with: beverage set up, ticket taking, food presentation, clearing tables, etc. If you are willing to help contact: or 425.971.4703.

Watch for more info like: menus, cost, why we contracted a caterer, etc., in future Prevues articles.