Debt Reduction Workshop August 11th and 16th


Free 1-hour workshop for anyone who wants to improve their personal cash flow, reduce debt from their life, or mentor someone else about their personal finances. Have you ever felt your paycheck was already spent before you got it? Have you found it easier to spend money that to save it? Did you ever feel that your expenses increased more than
your income? Are you or do you know someone who is a compulsive shopper or has other compulsive habits that cost money? You are not alone and there are solutions! St. John member Dale Clark will facilitate a discussion on strategies about money management with an emphasis on eliminating debts from credit cards, student loans, medical expenses, and more. An added focus on how to save more money for an emergency fund, a special purchase, or vacation will make this discussion worthwhile for anyone, no matter your financial wealth or weakness. Dale will share his own personal story of successful tips he learned and practiced that freed him from the burden of debt and the burden of bad habits. Don’t miss this influential opportunity that could change your habits the very next day. Plan to bring a relative or friend with you to one of two sessions that are offered on Saturday August 11 at 11:00 am or Thursday August 16 at 7:00 pm both at St. John United Church of Christ. You will not be sharing any of your confidential financial information. The sessions are free, but you need to register to attend so sufficient materials and seating will be available. You may register confidentially directly to Dale at 513.673.4260 or or to Pastor Keith Haithcock.